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If the Coffin Fits (A Funeral Parlor Mystery #2)When an unnatural cause of death finds one of her clients, Desiree must get to the bottom of the murder before she’s fitted for a coffin, herself.

The second in this new series has Desiree Turner getting more familiar with her job at the family funeral home while she still keeps her hand in journalism by writing local interest stories for the Verbena paper.

Most of the funeral home’s patrons die from old age, illness. However being a reporter Desiree just can’t help but look for anything suspicious. And when Frank Fiore’s daughters seem to be harboring some secrets, Desiree can’t help but think poor Mr. Fiore may have had help on his way out.

When another suspicious death comes in, Desiree and Nate are not going to just let it go.

As she pokes her nose in where people wish she wouldn’t, she risks losing it all. The business…

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